Pirate Life Radio with Tait Fletcher

Duane Finley is a freelance writer. With an extensive body of work for MMAJunkie.com, ESPN, screenplays, etc. He flipped it and interviewed me and Keith Jardine.

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Brandon "Six Gun" Gibson is a premier striking coach at Jackson/Winklejohn MMA, and a little brother/mentor to me. Deeply spiritual. We talk Holly Holm, Jodie Esquibel, Bones Jones, Alistair Overheem, Winn Hoff, etc...enjoy. This one is all about WINNING!

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Keith Jardine (#UFC, actor, Caveman Coffee) & Redban (#JRE& #Deathsquad) join us for a tag team convo today!

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Ed Clay--bjj OG, entrepreneur and dreamer, who, along with Scott Nelson has started a rehab for narcotics and cancer treatment. Hella interesting!!!

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Nic Lamb. Big wave surfer and athlete for the World Surf League was one of the youngest surfers to charge Mavericks--ENJOY!!

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Keith Jardine-UFC athlete .Actor. Owner of CavemanCoffee. Yogi. Spiritual leader. Ascetic. Stoic. Brother.

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Next up on ‪#‎PirateLifeRadio‬ is the man behind the ‪#‎gun‬, @boartoothtattoo ...the ‪#‎tattoo‬ gun, that is. World Traveler, community activist & open minded world shaker!

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Jodie Esquibel: EMT, pro boxer, pro MMA athlete, powerhouse motivational speaker & black belt in friendship joins Pirate Life Radio today!

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Kyle Noke joins today!! UFC athlete who fights on the Holm/Rousey card this weekend and one of my favorite people...a truly enlightened soul!!

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Cowboy Cerrone, top ufc 155lb'er stops by CC to talk beer, guns and his title fight!

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