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Peter Maguire joins me and DROPS BOMBS--- from OLD school jiu jitsu to running TONS of weed globally... such a crazy life!! 

This guy was a DOD correspondent, outlaw, and righter of wrongs!! 

I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did! Hit him up at @thaistickbook

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Logan Gelbrich,(@functionalcoach) ex MLB player

Jody Mitic, ex Candian SpecOpsSniper (@jodymitic)  

Keith Jardine, Actor and Global Badass, (@keithjardine205)
 all chime in on this one... we cover a ton of ground. Some topics are:
 ProBaseball/ Veteran Health/ PTSD/ steroids/ muscle recruitment/ crossfit/ getting in the game/coffee :)
  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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So I'm chatting with a guy online that I figure, "Hey, I'll send some White Gold beans to and see what he thinks."

Then we chat a bit later in the week and he says, "I'll be in LA these upcoming dates." I wasn't sure where I'd be as I was in the middle of filming a movie in NYC. Talk more and find out we can meet up for a workout/maybe a podcast. Then he tells me that vice.com is interviewing him. Why? Because he's combing the hills for treatment for PTSD. "Nice, bro. Pet project?" "Kind of." He answers. "I lost my feet in an explosion and I don't have it, yet many friends do. I wanna dispel myths and get them treated."

Turns out, Jodi Mitic is a Special Forces sniper in Canada and a man of such humility that he doesn't bring it up until asked.

Look for a part 2 a week from now.

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What a great night! Started off with a great WOD at Deuce Gym and then a podcast with my pal Sam Tripoli at a comedy club in Hermosa. He opened for Rogan and we just went full on until Joe finished his set and joined us.
Sam is one of my inspirations and Joe has been a real educator for me. So fortunate to have these guys around me. We run the GAMUT on topics...love you beautiful creatures. #ShineOn
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Tait and Keith 'The Dean of Mean' Jardine ('The Dean of Caffeine' as I have renamed him -Nate) sat down at Undisputed Fitness to give a 2 hour seminar on nutrition. Personal history was told, questions were answered, laughs were had, and knowledge bombs were dropped.

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My old training partners, Keith and Kyle, and fellow TUF alumni have the best talks... I figured it was time to record one.

They're both super reserved and humble dudes... they really open up and get into it here though. We chat about fights/retirement/perseverance/diet/Kyle's time as a bodyguard to The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

Also, Kyle will be a coach on the next Ultimate Fighter.

Keith and I dip into his retirement and our new coffee company that shall be forthcoming.

The whole hour is Bulletproof as fuck!! Enjoy, you beautiful creatures!!

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Myself (@Natronovitch), @TheRubenRivera, and Edward McGovern III (therapist and 10th Planet Santa Fe blue belt) joined @TaitimusMaximus in the office of Undisputed Fitness where we consumed copious amounts of Bulletproof coffee and talk about health, the Whole Life Challenge, jiu jitsu, and get unexpectedly joined by @eddiebravo.

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Episode 14. Eddie Bravo

The master and founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, @eddiebravo, talks about the Denny Prokopos / Justin Rader super fight, cutting weight, his upcoming rematch with Royler Gracie and more! He's hands down, the finest, most accessible and useful Jiu Jitsu coach I've ever had the absolute fucking privelege of learning from. I came to him as a strong purple belt in 2005, and have had the honor to call him my teacher since then. I"ve proudly carried the flag of !0th Planet since that time and have been continually blown away by his worldview as well as the way he takes the walls off of our sport and nurtures fertile ground for its growth.

  I could go on and on about that...hes a badass musician and has a large body of great work...but it isnt nearly a composite picture, nor is this particular podcast telling of all he is. He's a world-shaker and a revolutionary...he inspires and questions and is a true heretic.  He is open and inquisitve and nurturing. He is a fantastic father and continually growing.

  I cant say enough about my appreciation for him as a teacher, a friend, and a fellow human. So grateful...more to come...

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I hung out in my apartment in LA joined by @annielederman and @natronovitch. Annie is a badass comedienne I know from Santa Fe who made her way to New York where she worked her way up the comedy ladder and recently made her way to LA. We discuss the hustle of the comedy world and what it makes to take it, how to properly pronounce her last name, and her history of sexual partner.

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@Natronovitch is a manager and CrossFit coach and @therubenrivera is the jiu jitsu instructor at my gym, Undisputed Fitness, in Santa Fe. We cover Nate's upcoming combat jiu jitsu match in LA this Sunday, spanx, boners, and all kinds of other interesting and deep stuff!

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