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Pirate Life Radio with Tait Fletcher

Welcome to Pirate Life Radio with Tait Fletcher!

Tait is an actor, stuntman, businessman, speaker, and former fighter. Tait records conversations with interesting, influential and driven people from all walks of life. This podcast is unscripted and follows no agenda except the flow of natural conversation and exciting information. A window into peoples lives, jobs and choices that proves, anyone can do anything they set their mind to and our paths almost never end up the way we thought they would.

Please enjoy!

Jun 6, 2019

Cale Schultz is a professional stuntman and the Manager/Director at 87Eleven Action Design, a stunt industry leader in action films for over 20 years. You have seen him in movies such as Logan, Atomic Blonde and John Wick 3 to name a few. We sat down at Paleo Fx 2019 to talk about how he made his way to LA from Michigan and got his humble start in the entertainment industry, how he turned that opportunity into 


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